A stove is a focal point of any living space, and can completely transform a room. There are lots of different types of stoves. But how do you choose the right stove for you? This article will outline the different types of stoves in Glasgow, as well as give you tips on installation.

Types of Stoves

There are various different types of fuel you can use in stoves, but

Wood Burning

Wood burning stoves are capable of burning wood, all the way down to wood pellets. They are generally made of either cast iron or steel, and this isn’t only for safety but is more efficient as well because the heat radiates off of them. Wood burning stoves are seen as one of the more environmentally friendly options as the fumes they produce are carbon neutral. These types of stoves do not have a grate or ash pan.

Wood burning stoves require a flue to ensure that the smoke has somewhere to go that isn’t directly back into your home.


A multi-fuel stove is similar to a wood burning stove in appearance and design. Multi-fuel stoves can burn wood, coal, wood pellets and peat. These types of stoves will have a grate or ash pan.

A multi-fuel stove also requires a flue for the same reasons as a wood burner.


If you have a pre-existing gas connection coming into your home, then a gas stove could be a simpler type of stove to try and install. It is possible for a gas stove to not require a flue; this means that there is no need to install a chimney breast if you do not already have one.


An electric stove is one of the simplest to install as it only requires to be plugged in. You can essentially put it anywhere – as long as it’s not near anything flammable. An electric stove also doesn’t require a flue and can be even be installed into flats.

Boiler Stoves

A boiler stove is either a wood burning or multi-fuel stove that is then connected to a boiler. Not only can this then boost your central heating, but it can heat your water up as well! This is a much more economical stove as you could start to see major savings in your heating bills.


Installation of Stoves Glasgow

When installing a stove, always ensure that you hire a professional with a who is HETAs registered and has a Safe Gas certification. It is illegal for anyone to install a gas stove without this, and is illegal for anyone who has a Safe Gas certification through the company they work for to do private jobs.

The installation of a stove varies depending on the type of stove you have, the type of property you live in, where you want the stove etc.

It may not always be possible to install a stove anywhere as it will need to meet certain safety regulations.

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